A baby should get enough vitamins and nutrients he or she could get in order to be fit and healthy. As advised by most pediatricians, breast milk is good for babies from birth up to 2 years of age. This is to get the most of the nutrient and help put up a good immune-defense for the baby to get rid of diseases. In some point, mom stop on producing breast milk and this is unavoidable. However, you may find way¬† s to still give the nutrients your baby needs without compromising your pocket and your baby’s health. russian chocolate

The first one that you might want to try to feed you baby are banana flavored food. The first semi solid food is introduced between 4 months old to 6 months old babies. You can have a ripe banana slice in to bits and let your baby try it out. You can mash the banana and introduce it with a variety of other easily digested instant cereals for baby. Banana is a good source of vitamin B6, vitamin C and potassium. These nutrients are good provider of energy that your baby need on daily basis.

You can also try to boiled and mashed sweet potatoes for your baby. Aside from being starchy and easily digested when mashed, sweet potatoes are also rich in carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B6. You can add a little sugar on it or mix it with other flavoring. Babies will surely like this kind of food since its tasty and easy to eat.

Vegetables are also important part of baby’s diet. Although in little amount and gradual introduction, vegetables are good source of antioxidants and vitamins. Carrot is one good example of vegetable that can be incorporated with easily digested instant cereals for baby. You can have shredded carrots on top of the cereal or you can also have shredded cereal mix with mashed sweet potatoes.

You can give your baby one of these great baby foods like avocados, apples, pears and squash. In time, you can also incorporate rice into your baby’s diet. Instead of cereals you can have the food mentioned above incorporated with rice or oats.

There are also other kinds of baby friendly food you can give to your babies. Just make sure though to practice the 4-day principle when introducing new food to your baby. This is one way to pinpoint some food allergies your baby may have to some certain food.