Party, Win Big

Be the Best 2x4 Day Crew, Win a Trip to Madness Days!

Are you a ninja? A fan of Melvin? A freak for 2x4?

Great! Your dedication has finally paid off. On National 2x4 Day we're hosting a contest. A contest you ask? Yes, a simple contest,  the crew that shows their Melvin Spirit best on 2x4 Day will win a trip for four to Melvin Madness Days 2017. 

How do we enter? 

Entering is easy!  On National 2x4 Day, February 4, 2017 use the hashtag #2x4 to show your crew embracing the Melvin Spirit! Videos, photos, live streams or anything else are accepted. The hashtag #2x4 can be used on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also make sure to Tag Melvin Brewing.

Rules: All entries must be legal in manner and all participants must be of the legal drinking age or older. Melvin Brewing claims no responsibility  or liability for any trouble, injury or other bs that arises from your entry. We are encouraging you to be creative, but also a law-abiding, smart, friendly citizen during this contest. Don't F**k this up, please! Available to the citizens of the US only, no cash value, trades or other bullshit allowed! Winner will be chosen at the sole discretion of the Melvin Brewing Team.  :) 

What is the Melvin Spirit? How do we embrace it?

Think Wu-Tang, Think Ninja, Think Melvin. Costumes and creativity encouraged. Remember 2x4 Day is the best holiday out!

What is Melvin Madness Days? What Exactly Do I win?

Deep in the towering Snake River Mountains echoes an harmonic hum. This hum sounds better than the calling of the birds, the roaring of the river and the ohhhs, and ahhhs of stunned tourists. This hum is the sound of Melvin beer being brewed. Zen-like, peaceful or ear-tickle are all great words to describe the noise.

Melvin invites you to our 6- acre property on the Snake River to  experience the hum and all the beer that comes with it. It's going to be an adventure! Rafting, Mountain Biking,  Live Music. It's going to be a party! Craft Beer, Craft Beer... and some good food! It's going to be the best three days of the year! Madness Days 2017! Happening sometime late July 2017. 

Winning crew will win a trip to Madness Days and camping passes for 4. This includes a travel budget! 

Check out the entries in the feed here!

Winner will be announced on 2.5.17 and contacted directly. Good LUCK!