A web presence while popular in varied forms, eventually is anchored by a presence via website.  With a few preparation tips, you can make a website in a night. e poe tegemine

Know the basics

If you know your way around the web, navigating in forums, social media and popular exposure, you most likely know the basics.  If not, you need to know copy/paste, the basics of simple function and process in following development steps.

Read through the instruction

Get a complete feel of the website building process.  Easily assessable site builders and similar type and click editors include easy step by step instruction to build and complete your website.  Give attention to the Q&A section which will address the most frequent quires.

Have a theme ready

You most likely have several ideas ready to put into play.  Make a list of each page, what you intend to include, keeping it basic to get a launch.  You will continue updating and revising your new site after it is live.  It is likely you will revise the slant of your theme at intervals for fresh perspective.

Go on Simplicity

While there is plenty of time to embellish your new site, embrace simple structure and design.  Adhere to clean, straight to the objective presentation.  Allow white space and concise text of two to five sentences a paragraph.  Use headings and subheadings as your web users are content scanners with little patience for reading long drawn out content.

Have content prepared

Be ready in advance with the content you are going to drop into your site.  Have prepared notes, a good draft, and polish it up ready to go.  A mini-site can consist of a 5 page, ample for launching your worthy endeavor.  Reserve a page for your contact page, an about you page, and special consideration for your home page where most of your initial visitors will land.  The other 2 pages are at your discretion for tips, info, Q&A or other related relevance to your theme.