There are multitudes of lures available for Rainbow trout fishermen to choose from. These lures for rainbow trout can be separated into four groups: trout flies, trout spinners, trout jigs, and trout bait.

Trout Flies

What other method is more renown for catching rainbow trout than fly fishing? Although the most popular way to fly fish is by using a fly rod, it is also possible to use a spinning rod with a small bobber attached 18 to 24 inches up from the fly to aid in casting. Trout flies come in all different shapes and sizes that will match just about any type of insect you will encounter near a rainbow trout stream or river. Remembering to match the hatch is the key idea when fly fishing. Some of the different kinds of trout fishing flies are dry flies, wet flies, emergers, nymphs, and streamers.

Trout Spinners Fishing baits

Spinning tackle is one of the most popular types of equipment for catching trout in spring-fed streams. Spinners making a flash in the water that is intended to mimic the flash made by creek chubs in these bodies of water. In-line spinners are the lure of choice when fishing for rainbow trout on spinning tackle. The rotation of the spinner blade can cause the line to twist and lead to bird’s nests so use a swivel to counter act the rotation. Two brands of trout spinners that are very popular for catching rainbow trout are Mepps and Panther Martin.

Trout Jigs

Using jigs to catch rainbow trout can be most successful when you fish in the deep pools in streams caused by beaver dams or large boulders. Trout jigs are very small; they have a 1/16 to 1/32 ounce jig head or even smaller for mini-jigs. The bodies on trout jigs can be made of either hair/feathers or soft plastic. Jig bodies that match the minnows found in your stream are very effective. Use a bit of caution when fishing with trout jigs because all of the obstructions such as rocks, logs and over-hanging branches in the bottom of a stream because they can cause frequent snags.

Trout Bait

The different types of bait for rainbow trout can range anywhere from live bait such as night crawlers to homemade trout dough baits. You can even put pieces of food such as kernels of corn or marshmallows on a treble hook. Berkley makes some of the best dough baits. Berkley PowerBait and Berkley Gulp! can be found in wide variety of flavors. There is even a PowerBait nugget that matches the scent and taste of the food that hatchery trout were raised on!